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about Hedof

We were drawn in by the simple yet surreal style:  There’s more depth

to the work than first meets the eye, with smart allusions and multiple ideas married together in the sweet little scenes and characters.

- itsnicethat

Hedof is the one-man creative studio of Dutch illustrator Rick Berkelmans. His striking illustration work is a thoughtful,

well balanced composition full of candy coloured sceneries, suspicious characters and wonky shapes that reflect Rick's positive attitude and his studio filled with silly looking toys.


Berkelmans' laid back, yet smart approach to imagemaking has found it's way into numerous magazines, products, advertising campaigns, installations and huge walls, all over the globe.

Always able to maintain a strong, recognizable voice while working through different disciplines for clients such as

Nike / The New York Times / Nickelodeon / Ikea / Samsung /

KLM Airlines / Lotte World Mall / Nestle / Green Man Festival / Red Bull / Playstation / Snapchat / The Hoxton Hotel / Corona / Native Shoes / LCX Hong Kong / Youtube / WeTransfer / Google / Denham / Red Cross / Oppo / Bombay Sapphire / Magic Spoon Cereal / Helseutvalget / Heineken / Greenpeace / Facebook.

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